Agri-Expo has been involved in the South African Dairy Industry since 1834 when the first South African Dairy Championships was held with one goal in mind: TO PROMOTE EXCELLENCE IN DAIRY PRODUCTS. To date, this is still the objective and the annual South African Dairy Championships is a fine example of this. Around 900 dairy products are judged annually by about 75 experts who evaluate the appearance, texture and flavour of products in ten categories. This Championships rewards dairy manufacturers for innovation and gives recognition for their quality products.

Agri-Expo created the Qualité emblem in 2001 and today it is South Africa’s only symbol of exceptional quality in the dairy industry. Winning products are crowned SA Champions and only a few outstanding products are awarded the Qualité Mark of Excellence. After the first round of judging, a panel of five specialists allocates the Product of the Year.

Agri-Expo has furthermore been involved with developing new markets for upcoming cheese makers, educational promotions of dairy products and the Burgundy Cheese Making Fellowship. Agri-Expo also is the owner and organiser of the South African Cheese Festival, the biggest outdoor culinary event in Southern Africa.